Why does DevReady Exist

Throughout our journey at Aerion we have delivered many successful projects, and we’re not afraid to say some not so successful. What we didn’t understand in the beginning is that people were coming to us for our expertise and not just as developers. In all of these projects, we continued to improve our processes and learn from our experiences. This culminated in the DevReady™ process. This process follows the same ethos today as it did the day we created it. Clarity is king.

The objective of the DevReady is to deliver clarity across every component of a project. By solving the right problems, and by understanding the market, clients, customers and stakeholders we are able to reduce the risks in a project, establish a vision and objective that we are all working towards and deliver it in our “managed-agile” approach.

Refine the Idea, understand the risks, know what to develop and how to develop it.
Understand your market, clients, problems that you are solving and what it will really take to deliver your outcomes.
Maximise your return on investment by building in an agile way.
We all start out our journey looking to create value for our customer, our business and our users. The DevReady process is proven to convert your ideas into software that works.

DevReady Steps

DevReady is an agile process that comprises of client, stakeholder and user workshops and interviews, alongside market and technical research. The objective of each workshop is to continually refine the scope of work, outline the project risks, prioritise the feature set and provide recommendations to address any unknowns that may arise during the design process.


DevReady is an iterative Consultation Process that comprises of a series of client, stakeholder and user workshops and interviews. Our consultants guide you through the design process, bringing best practices to your development project. The objective of each workshop is to continually refine the scope of work, outline the project risks, prioritise the feature set and provide recommendations to address any unknowns that may arise during the design process. The following deliverables will be provided during the DevReady process.

Business Goals and Objectives

In order to design and develop a successful solution, it is imperative that the business goals and objectives are clearly defined. These goals and objectives will provide the benchmark for measuring project success.

Project Scope

The Project Scope will clearly and succinctly outline the main requirements of the solution. All requirements gathered and explored will be listed with both an explanation of their purpose and how they will impact the overall solution. The scope of the project will be prioritised in order of most valuable requirements and their impact on the business objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement

A thorough analysis of the stakeholder interviews will be conducted to assess responses, requests and identify any risks which may impact the likelihood of system uptake and project success.

Assumptions & Dependencies

This section will outline any assumptions and dependencies that have arisen during the consulting process. This critical component outlines areas of the project that will need to be addressed during the Planning and Design phase of DevReady.

Risks and Constraints

The success of any project is measured by its ability to identify and manage risks. By identifying and developing a Risk Management Plan it allows all parties to monitor, manage and track the risks and their potential impact to the success of the project.

High-Level System Architecture

This process will assist to define the high-level system structure and interactions between the components of the application. The system components will be mapped and represented via the system diagram, visually representing the functionality of the project. It also takes into consideration non-functional requirements such as scalability, portability and maintainability of the solution. This will, in turn, refine the best method to deliver the solution; meeting all business, user and functional requirements along with reducing the risks of the project.

Development Plan and Acceptance

Prior to Development commencing, an in-depth Milestone 1 Plan will be established and presented for acceptance. To allow for change and learning throughout the project, planning is conducted in incremental steps. All additional Milestones will also be planned at a high level incorporating the Scope, Timelines and Budget expectations for the project.

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