Focus on delivering your project

A successful project requires a great team to work with you to deliver upon your ideas and dreams. It takes a lot of work to get an idea from ideation to an app. Use this ebook as a practical guide to help you manage your team and understand what you need to deliver a great app.

Learn how to

  • Manage and communicate with your team following a process that we’ve developed over 12 years.
  • Define your requirements so that you’re building the right product for the right problem
  • Engage with your stakeholders and determine what to build and for who
  • How to define small features and milestones to ensure you can be agile and pivot when needed

Communicate Better

Communication with your team is the single most important factor to success

Learn to work with all stakeholders

No one wants to build the wrong product. Find out how to manage your stakeholders

Learn to define small milestones

Working in small milestones allows you to be agile, evaluate quickly and pivot when needed

Hit those Release Targets

Be able to deliver on those releases and achieve the targets you set out to

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Start hitting those release targets and watch the ROI on your project grow