You might not know that you have a new guideline to comply by. Your team might have missed the email.  But it’s not too late and there is still plenty of time to make sure your App is now updated to comply to those guidelines.

You wouldn’t have budget for it, you probably didn’t event know about it until now.

Apple has said that on the 30th of April any new Apps or App Updates must provide Sign in With Apple (See here).

If your app has any third-party logins you will be breaking the App Store Guidelines by not providing Sign in With Apple. Unless your implement Sign in with Apple your App will be rejected after that date for no longer complying with the Apple’s guidelines.

The guidelines are outline in the App Store Review Guidelines and Human Interface Guidelines

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Sign in with Apple provides peace of mind to users about their privacy. Users will not be tracked by apple and data collection is limited


Automatically has 2-factor applied. Can use Touch ID or Face ID to login


Works on iOS, macOS, tvOS & watchOS. Available in any browser so your app can use it everywhere


Uses machine learning algorithms to detect real logins and prevent fraudulent logins