Hi, we’re Aerion

Andrew and Anthony started Aerion in 2008, 2 Uni friends with a passion for technology. Our first projects were assisting affiliated education centres to deliver educational simulation software. This included educating students on a simulated voyage to Mars and even learning about the immune system through interactive games. Over 12 years, we have worked on 100+ projects from start-up concepts right through to multibillion-dollar global enterprises looking to establish an edge over their competitors.

Through this experience, we have seen the profound impact that the right software solution can deliver when it is clearly defined, planned and executed at scale. This is where the DevReady was born.

We are highly-skilled team of consultants, engineers and developers and and work with a variety of different platfroms and languages to deliver value to our clients.

  • Mobile Apps
  • API platforms.
  • SAAS products
  • Single Page Apps
  • Custom Integrations.
  • Unity 3D Games
  • Real-time SignlarR
  • Internet of Things

DevReady Academy

In the first few weeks of October 2019, 5 businesses and founders approached us – all with significant challenges with their software projects.

After discussing these projects with the team we were staggered to realise that combined they had lost over $1,000,000. The money was spent investing in ideas and products that they believed would add significant value to the marketplace. Each had a product that was underperforming, poorly developed and were using development teams that were failing to deliver. All these factors pushed them into a corner – they had to face the fact that they may never deliver a working product to market.

We all can have a lightbulb moment, an idea that we believe will solve a real problem in the marketplace. With this great idea, our first instinct is to find a team that will deliver it and jump straight into development.

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.” – Steve Jobs

Throughout our 12 years of consulting and developing custom products, we have seen it all. We have helped deliver over 100 projects across the entire spectrum of software. We have worked on products that are used to create millions of dollars of value while others haven’t seen the light of day. So is Steve right, is execution everything?

Well, it really depends on what you define as execution. When developing software there are two distinct points of execution: the idea and the development. Executing and developing great software is only 20% of the job. The other 80% comes from validating the idea, getting clear on what your customers really want and your willingness to evolve your development with the market.

Even if you have the greatest developers on the planet it will not matter how well they can execute it, if the idea and product miss the mark.

We developed the DevReady Academy to help protect non-tech founders and ensure that the 20% (the implementation) never goes pear-shaped. The development process, the team and the management of your team are pivotal to your success. We are here to give you the tools and the guidance that you will need to ensure that your development process runs to plan.

Beyond this, we will expose you to all the information that you need to know from Ideation to Delivery and beyond. If you are a non-tech in with an idea in the middle of a project, the DevReady Academy is here to become the only resource you will need to successfully execute.